Welcome from Simone - in English

Coming out, questioning your sexuality: that's what you do when you're an adolescent, or at least before you're 25, right?

So no. I was 50 years, had been married to a man for over 20 years, was a mum to two children, when I realized I couldn't go on like this. I was in love with a woman. My world was turned upside down. Now what? I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

At my age! Months of struggle, loneliness, and despair followed. Carrying my secret with me, a secret that slowly but surely consumed me. Until more or less coincidentally I came across a group of likeminded women. It turned out to be a life saving safe haven. Finally I could share my story, vent, ask, discuss. They totally got me. It felt like coming home.

Now, almost 6 years later, I am out, happy, living an authentic life. It wouldn’t have happened without the support of these women.

My name is Simone, I'm 56 years old, living in The Netherlands.

Questioning your sexuality later in life, coming out, finding yourself, is an enormous personal struggle. Family, friends who question your motives, your sincerity, the validity of your choices. Contact with women in the same situation is very important. Because they are the only ones who really understand you.

I'm a moderator of an online European peer-to-peer support group of women who have come out later in life. We can offer help: by listening, talking or referring. You can share your story in a safe environment.

Interested? Mail to info@late-bloomers.eu or latebloomersnl@gmail.com and briefly tell us something about yourself and why you want to join the group.