New Late Bloomers Blog 2021

This new blog covers topics that are interesting for lesbians who are coming out later in life. We are Late Bloomers in the lesbian community. We will post articles in several languages in order to reach a wider group of women. 

We also offer a support group for Late Bloomers that is by invitation only: the group is confidential and can not be found by search machines.  If you are interested in joining, please send an email to this address:

It is never "too late" to be lesbian.  This development in a woman's life might be a surprise for you and the people who are near to you.  This new discovery may cause anxiety and many problems that need to be solved.  But becoming a lesbian late in life can also be a source of happiness and fulfillment. We want to help you in finding your own way. Welcome lovely Late Bloomer!

I want to welcome you to our new blog for Late Bloomers. Coming out later in life can catch us a bit by surprise. Questions may come up that cause a lot of anxiety and confusion.  But it may also feel as though something very important is taking place; coming out late in life can be a great discovery and the beginning of a new adventure in our lives.

Ab Oktober biete ich eine (online) Gruppe an "mein (neues) lesbisches Leben"; die Gruppe richtet sich an Frauen die spät im Leben (49+) ihre Liebe zu einer Frau / Frauen entdeckt haben und dabei sind, diese neue Erkenntnisse in ihr Leben zu integrieren. 

Coming out, questioning your sexuality: that's what you do when you're an adolescent, or at least before you're 25, right?

So no. I was 50 years, had been married to a man for over 20 years, was a mum to two children, when I realized I couldn't go on like this. I was in love with a woman. My world was turned upside down. Now what? I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

Uit de kast komen, twijfelenover je sexualiteit : dat doe je als je puber bent, of in ieder geval voor je 25e, toch?
Nee dus. Ik was 50 jaar, 20 jaar getrouwd met een man, kinderen, toen ik me realiseerde dat ik zo niet verder kon. Ik was verliefd op een vrouw. Mijn wereld stond op zijn kop. Wat nu?